Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Comps of Christine Kane ...

"There IS no Old You.
There's no New You either.
There is only Essential You – always becoming, always surprising, always in this present moment."
This girl just SO gets it!
I love it!!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keira's "Skellington"

I had SUCH a laugh at Keira this morning, although I couldn't let her see it!
She had been faffing about with her waterbottle for school & kept DROPPING the darn thing, instead of putting it in her bag, like I'd asked her to.
By the time she dropped it for the 5th or 6th time, at the car, I was totally irritated & frustrated (ok, partly my own saak, as I was really late & really tired after a sleepless night with Faryn 'vomay' 5 times).
I gripped her shoulder & rattled her a bit, & told her to "JUST LISTEN" & put the darn thing IN THE BAG.
(poor girl)
She was quite upset with me & telling me that I was 'shaking her neck' ... I replied (while strapping Faryn into HER seat) that if she didn't hurry up & listen, I'd shake it right off!!
At this point, I started laughing so hard, 'cos she launched into this wail:
"But you can't shake my whole neck of, cos then you'll shake my whole head off, and then I won't have any head, and I'll just be a body, and I'll be like a skellington!!" (all said with quavering voice, & teary eyes).
There was a bit more, but I lost the plot so can't remember it all.
It was SO precious, the whole train of thought & connectivity, but I did not DARE let her see that I was in fits of laughter!
Priceless child.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Re: The Weighty issue

Don't I know that it sucks.
I've been weighing each Mon, but just haven't got around to emailing it.
My last 3 Mondays have been:
15 Feb 63.8kg (up from ?)
22 Feb 63.8kg (same)
1 March 64kg (up 0.2kg)
So I'm now back to January's weights.
Need to get my AbackintoG to get my AbackintoShape!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Shark Tale

Had this interesting vision today, as I was walking ... it was of a shark in the water.
The Spirit said this to me:
"You'll always know when sharks are among you, because their fin, as they circle you signals danger. And you'll always know that they are dangerous.
However, you'll never get any warning of a shark attack. They are not like dogs who bark before they bite, as a shark will attack you from underneath and from behind"
My Christian mate says that God is warning me about 'certain people' ...
Needed to journal that.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Re: Keira on my floor

I know!
And I was away for the w/end. Felt really bad about leaving her for 2.5 days, but she was a total champion!! I'd had an icecream in the freezer at work to give her, but forgot it after we'd left for home. She was more distressed about "but I WANTED the i-keem" than the eina! LOL
I gave her some paracetamol on the Fri night & she's never mentioned it again, other than to ask me to take off the plaster last night.
When I peeled it off, she said "Is it all gone?" & I said 'no, it's still getting better', so she wanted to know if there was still lots of blood & was it bleeding. I reassured her that Dr Cole had made it stop bleeding so nicely when he put the stitches in :)
Today, she was VERY PROUD to show Gaggie & the other school mommies her stitches!
So sweet.
Took some photos, cos it's MY FIRST too ... first child to have stitches ... Kaityn never got that right as a tot (THANK GOODNESS!!)
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poor baby :( those little legs sticking out... hope she is feeling ok now. deserves a special treat for being so brave!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Keira fell in the swimming pull this morning, and; split her chin on the edge.
Mom phoned me at lunchtime to say she hadn't looked too closely, but she thought it might need stitches.
So did I.
And so did Dr Cole ...
... three stitches in the end. Should have been four, but too traumatic for her, even with EMLA cream (my idea while waiting for him) and a local anaesthetic.

She's passed out sleeping on my office floor, using Pink Panther as a pillow and wrapped in the surgery sheet.
Screamed with the inj but lay dead still, cried throughout and could feel the last stitch.
Got to bring her back in next Fri to have the sut out, but I might just do myself.